Thursday, June 27, 2013

Miami Beach, FL - Sun, Sand and Nightlife! But is there more?

Yes, there is! Miami Beach is rich in alternatives and always worth to visit.

One great area to go is Espanola Way Village. Located in the Art Deco Districts of the city, it was built after Mediterranean examples. In this unique architectural quarter, tourists as well as locals meet for shopping, dining or just strolling around. (
Two nice spots there are Mojito’s Lounge, a nice little Cuban bar, and Tapas y Tintos.
Tapas y Tintos is an authentic Spanish tapas bar which we really can recommended. Due to the good food and nice atmosphere, we found ourselves two nights in a row there. (

Another really good spot is Mango’s Tropical CafĂ©, which is located on Ocean Drive. This Latin American Dance Club/Bar is famous for its good music, dancers and drinks. Unfortunately, the cover was $20, but we had a lot of fun there and stayed longer than we should have. 

If you are into outdoor activities, walking the Miami Beach Board Walk can be a nice alternative. The beach walk is partly shady and you see all kinds of people walking around here. It’s quite nice especially if you want to be at the beach, but don’t want to spend all day burning in the sun. At the norther end of Lummus Park, you will find a nice little Starbucks with outside seating. Nice for breakfast or just a snack.

A little outside of the Miami are the Everglades, a famous and well received tourist attraction.
The first time when we went to the Everglades, we visited the Everglades Alligator Farm in Homestead, Fl. As the name says, you will find lots of alligators there, but also snakes, turtles and other animals of the swamps. Really interesting were the Snake and Alligator Shows, which are offered several times a day.
The highlights however were the Alligator feeding and the Airboat ride. The Airboat tour takes about 40min and leads through a little canal with wild alligators. The guide explains a little about flora and fauna before it goes with full speed through the open swamp until the boat suddenly turns by 360° a couple of times. What a blast!! :)

On highway 41 west bound (heading to Naples), about 40-45 miles away from Miami, you can find the Monument Lake Camp Ground. This primitive camp ground in the middle of the Everglades is a good place to spot wild alligators in a lake. These prehistoric animals come very close and can be very dangerous. So, please always be careful. When you are in the Everglades, you are in the wild!
This and the panther xing sings made us aware that we really were in the wild; so close to one of the biggest cities in Florida.

Another highlight of our trip and one of our childhood dreams was swimming with Dolphins.
The trainers in Dolphin Cove, Key Largo, Flo are great; you will get a little introduction before your encounter with these fascinating sea mammals.
When you get into the water the first time, knowing that these huge animals are so close, you will have a weird, but at the same time very exciting feeling.
Especially when you are floating in the water and suddenly these huge bodies appear right next to you, will be an experience that you will never forget. 

To sum this up, Miami Beach is a great place to visit!

Obviously, it has much more to offer, such as museums or theaters. 
Do you have any venues that need to be visited when in Miami Beach? 

Please share your experiences and help others to make their stay unforgettable.

Thanks for reading and for your comments!

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